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The Most Winning
FX Traders

To Be In The 1% You Have To Do What The 99% Do Not


PRIME ALGO is a type of FX market algorithm . that will assist you in becoming a profitable Forex trader RIGHT NOW. To make the best Forex gains of your life, all you have to do is initiate and exit transactions based on our revolutionary alert system. and a wealth-building bank account to demonstrate that it's unlike any other FX instrument you've ever used. Years of in-depth market research and several studies have gone into creating an automated marketing killing machine that combines cutting-edge forex strategies.

How To Become A 
Profitable Trader

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What Make Prime Algo 

The Ability To Automate FX Strategies

The Ability To Manage Large Drawdown using HEDGE algorithm

30+ Winning Streak

Top Professional Traders Over 10+ Years Of Experience

Learn about the markets and determine what types of trades you are interested in. (4).png
Learn about the markets and determine what types of trades you are interested in. (4).png
Learn about the markets and determine what types of trades you are interested in. (4).png
Learn about the markets and determine what types of trades you are interested in. (4).png
Learn about the markets and determine what types of trades you are interested in..png

Road Map For Beginners

"We fully understand that the FX system's algorithms are new to you, but they are not new to those that affect the market cycle, such as central banks." Nothing in this world is flawless. Neither does our monetary system.

But we've shown what we're capable of in front of a live audience of over 1000 Telegram users, with 35+ wins in a row. For 98.2% of forex traders around the world, this is unthinkable and highly unlikely. The financial system we provide, which has taken years to develop in order to make it possible for every single forex trader struggling to make consistent profits, will provide you with specific calculations, which means the system will automatically add your equity, calculating risk percent, profits, position exit, leverage, lot size, and hedge methods. Over the LONG TERM, following the financial system correctly will take you to a winning side (the 1%).

What We Offer 

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Forex Elite Course 

Learn about market depth, what the 1% uses, and how to use the same tools. Markets are more than just technical indicators and news trading.
To become a member of the 1%, you must learn what the 99% do not. 

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Pass the evaluation phase for FTMO within 23 days.

Trade with the Prime Algo system once funded and make consistent profits.

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Record : This trader contacted us with an FTMO account phase 1 challenge.despite the account almost -8% drawdown and 7 days to end, we managed not only to recover to BE but also hit the 10% profit target. 


With PA nothing is impossible ! 

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We have been years in the markets, unlikely the average trader today prime algo has been in the markets for +7 years publicly.

We do not believe that the market is get rich schemes and we are not here to sell your unrealistic dreams

We are very professional with our work and we have a  good reputation.

We follow you through every financial market step until you are financial satisfied

We have public records and reviews

We interact and teach traders on Quora  for the past 7 years.

We give free Fx consistent signals in a public telegram channel for the past 5 years

We have a team in multiple countries

We believe that it is only possible to win if we help others win.

Why Should you Trust Prime Algo ?

Connect & Learn 

“Not tomorrow, not next week, right now. If your goal, right now, is to become successfully trader and get into the best financial state of your life but you start down a thought process that puts it off—thinking to yourself, “I’m really busy this week, I’ve got a lot of meetings” or “I can’t start now because I’m traveling”— then you’ll never get started because the perfect time is an illusion. The only time is right now, in this moment. Whether it’s for your fitness or your business or your relationships, you need to take a stand and assume an inner stance of someone who’s action oriented and willing to do what needs to be done, today. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.”

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2000 Members 


New York, Cape Town,Frankfurt

11 Years Of Experience  

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